Engineer turned day trader introduces an undying strategy in the Stocks and Options trading game, Turns $3,455 into $1.85million in a few short years. Since then, Barry Densmore has built a stock trading empire. But can you really get from zero to millionaire using his strategies?


Thanks for stopping by to check out my Barry Densmore’s Review.  In this post, I’m going to go into details about Barry Densmore, and determine if Barry Densmore is a Scammer, or not! Spoiler: He’s not, but you can read more on that below!

Barry Densmore Started with $3,455 and turned it into $1.85 million in a few short years — and at the same time make out time to meet up his duty calls with renowned construction companies in the middle east and Australia.  Now he teaches his students, friends, and family to trade the financial market using his strategies.

 What I Like — Different levels and types of membership, including Barry Alerts, Forex, Binary-Options, PennyStock, Silver, and BarryChallenge. Video lesson Catalogue for serious traders who subscribes to Barry. A bit pricey but totally worth it. No matter the unstableness of the financial market, Barry’s-team and students record the lowest amount of loss in trades annually and Daily watchlists from the man himself. 

Barry Densmore’s Review – The Good & The Bad

The Good = 102+ Video Lesson Library (You must be a subscribed member to access them): This is the not-so-hidden gem of Barry’s entire collection.  Barry Densmore’s Daily Watchlist: Barry sends out an email watchlist each day before the market opens. He tells you what he’s watching and why. Video Intro Course But you have to be subscribed to access this gem, Subscription is a bit pricey but trusts me you need it to excel in this field and you will never regret you subscribed because earning is guaranteed on Barry’s ship.

The Bad = Tough Love: Barry’s teaching style is pretty much hardcore and requires extreme concentration, It can take some getting used to, Repeating something he has clearly stated isn’t really on Barry’s list of to-do’s when coaching. He calls it tough love. However, I kinda like it. There’s a humorous side to it.

The Ugly;- There’s so much information that if you’re not careful you’ll overload and your brain will fry like an egg on a hot griddle. It could get ugly. My advice: Set yourself on a training/study schedule and stick to it. Don’t get distracted by outside influences. Barry Densmore has a brilliant set of educational tools for you to do it. Barry has clear-cut strategies and rules. But as he says, the nuances take time. So heed his lessons well.